How to Apply Online to Become a LIC Agent


Now You can become a LIC Agent by following 5 easy steps and start earning a Passive income for your entire life. On average, you can earn 5% of the commission for recurring policies if you do a few things given in this article.

Whenever we see an LIC Agent we think they have nothing to do so they are doing this job, but no it’s wrong, becoming a LIC agent is not so easy it’s just a matter of choice.

If you have a few hours a day or weekend leaves you can optimize your time and generate a passive income and also avail of tax benefits along with discounted interest on loans and Free Term life insurance by just being an LIC agent.

Follow these 5 Steps to Become a LIC Agent:

Here is the 5 Steps guide to apply online and become a LIC Agent, you just need to apply get training, and pass the IRDA exam to receive the LIC Agent Letter of Appointment from LIC.

5 Easy Steps to Become a LIC Agent

“LIC Agent aspirant?” You must reach out to a local LIC Divison officer through someone you know, and Apply offline for personal guidance and career support from the officer because Applying online won’t provide the same!

LIC Divisonal Officer

Step 1: Fill out the Application Form Online

The very first step to becoming a LIC Agent is to fill out the Application form. You can Fill out the small Application form online Click Here to Visit. It will take only a few minutes to fill out and then submit.

Step 2: Submit Important Documents and Pay the Fees

You will need to submit all documents listed below and then pay the application fees to complete your application.

Documents ListFees
✔ 4 Colour Photos
✔ Age Proof
✔ School Leaving Certificate
✔ S.S.C Marksheet
✔ H.S.C. Marksheet
✔ Graduation Marksheet
✔ Pan Card
✔ Address Proof
✔ Cancelled Cheque
✔ Rs 150 [Registration fees]
✔ Rs 150 [Online Training]
✔ Rs.500 [Online Exam Fees]

Step 3: Undergo Training before appearing for the Exam

(Based on your Choice) Offline or Online Training for 25 Hours will be conducted before your examination and you will be trained by an LIC Development officer you will receive a Training completion certificate after 25-hour training.

Step 4: Give IRDA Online Exam of 50 Marks

After successful completion of the online training, one Exam will be held by the Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority (IRDA) for a total of Marks 50. And to pass this exam you need to get at least 17/50.

Step 5: Receive an Appointment Letter from LIC

Once you Qualify for the Exam you will be eligible to join as LIC Agent and you will receive an Appointment Letter from the LIC office, and you will become a LIC Agent from the next moment.

Download the LIC Agent App – To Apply Online and Get Training:

Now You can download the LIC Agent App for Android and Apply for the LIC Agent Post using this app. This App is designed for Applicants, Examiners, and trainers. All of these three can log in to do their work, if you are an applicant then you can sign up and apply for the LIC Agent Position upload your document, and proceed with Online Training on this app.

Features of LIC Agent App:

  • Easy to Use by Applicants
  • The app is made for Applying Online, getting training online, and Taking the LIC Agent Exam online.
LIC Agent App Preview

Benefits of Becoming a LIC Agent:

Perks or benefits you can get if you become a LIC Agent are given here, I hope you will like these perks and you will apply for becoming a LIC agent.

LIC Club Membership

As an LIC Agent, you can boost your Side income by joining the LIC Club Membership, to know How to Join and what are the Benefits Click on the Button given below.

Flexible Working Hours:

There is no 9 to 5 time bonding after you become a LIC Agent, if you are a housewife or any employee you can work as a LIC agent in your Free time. I would say the LIC agent can sell policy 24 by 7 if he/she knows about influencer marketing or online marketing.

If people know you and you can convince them then you can sell a policy through your Social media account, website, YouTube channel, etc. After the Internet revolution, anything is possible you have to learn those techniques.

Attractive and Recurring Commissions Earning:

You can earn up to 35% commission on the first Year of the Policy premium, then 7.5% on the second year, and 5% commission from the third year onwards till the policy matures. This commission calculation is explained here you can access our other article for How Much Lic Agent Earn.

Commission Rates for Policies of Any LIC Agent

Unlimited Earning Chance:

An LIC Agent is never hired on a salary basis, the total income is based on commissions, and along with these commissions there are some other perks such as discounted interest rates which will eventually save you money.

As this earning process is totally dependent on commission structure you will keep earning till your policy customer is paying the premium till the policy ends or it gets mature.

Minimum Interest Loan only for LIC Agents:

As an LIC Agent, there are super discounts on your EMI interests for example if you want to buy a LAPTOP you will pay 0% interest on the EMI. If you want to buy a house you will get the loan at just 5% to 7.5% interest rates which is 1 to 3 percent less than others. And lastly, you will also get discounted interest rates for cars and other luxury purchases.

LIC Agent Benefits and opportunities

Full Mediclaim cover + Gratuity up to 3 Lacks:

Health insurance for you and your family, in some cases Term insurance is also given to the LIC Agent. Under Schedule VI of the (Agents) Rules, 1972 Agents can get up to 3 Laks of Gratuity after completing the work for qualifying years which is 15 Years of Service as an LIC Agent.

Few More Benefits and rewards for LIC Agent

Be your Own boss and work on your own terms for money.

Who likes to take orders to work on any task? everybody wants to work on their own terms and this is the leading reason why you should Apply for LIC Agent Position.

A LIC Agent is a real Entrepreneur who sells policy and gets a commission for the work he does. No workload, no boss calls, no on-time delivery just work hard for yourself.

Proud to be An LIC Agent:

FAQ – About LIC Agent as Career:

Here are a few questions and answers that might be helpful for you if you are confused about whether to choose LIC Agent as a career or not.

Q 1: What is the Salary of a LIC Agent?

Answer: There is no prescribed Salary for a LIC Agent you can earn a commission of up to 35% on the Policy you sold, and just for assumption we can consider on average a beginner LIC Agent can earn up to 30,000 to 60,000 per month.

Q 2: What is an LIC agent?

Answer: An LIC Agent is a person appointed by LIC who helps and educates people in choosing the right LIC Policy for their future life. And in return, the LIC Agent gets an incentive as a commission on the policy sold.

Q 3: Is a LIC Agent a Good Job?

Answer: LIC Agent is not a kind of Job, You can work in your Free time whenever you want and earn up to Unlimited income in the form of Commissions which are given based on the Premium of the policy you sold. Let’s assume you sold 1 Policy then the commission for the First Year premium is up to 35% next year it becomes 7.5% and after 3rd year you get 5% of the recurring which becomes your Passive income source.

Q 4: How Much Can I Earn as a LIC Agent?

Answer: “Unlimited” Yes, Based on your Skills and how many policies you sold per year you can earn up to 35% of the First Year Policy Premium and up to 5% recurring commission till that policy ends.

Q 5: What are the Eligibility Criteria for the LIC Agent Exam?

Answer: There is one Educational Eligibility Criteria for the LIC Agent Exam – You must have Passed the 10+2 which is your Secondary Education. We can say the 12th pass or any diploma after the 10th class.

Q 6: What is the training period for LIC Agent?

Answer: Before you give the Qualification Exam for LIC Agent there will be a Training of 25 hours (Offline/Online). After becoming a LIC Agent you can attend free Seminars and Training Programs.

Q 7: Can LIC Agents work from home?

Answer: Yes, an LIC Agent can work from Home or from anywhere that’s why this profession is suitable for housewives, employees, and anybody who has completed their Secondary Schooling which is 10 + 2 Years of Education.

Q 8: Is the LIC Agent exam tough?

Answer: I don’t think so, because you get 25 Hours of Training before your Exam is conducted and also you just need 17/50 Marks to get Qualified in the LIC Agent Exam.

Q 9: Is the LIC Agent exam tough?

Answer: I don’t think so, because you get 25 Hours of Training before your Exam is conducted and also you just need 17/50 Marks to get Qualified in the LIC Agent Exam.

Q 10: Is a LIC Agent a Profitable Profession?

Answer: Yes, You don’t even need to invest in this profession except for your exam fees, and after investing your hard work and time to sell the LIC Policy you can get repetitive income as a commission on the policy you sold. It does mean an LIC Agent Profession is Profitable from the 1st policy you sell.

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    Can I Become a LIC Agent? I am from India but live in Canada

    1. Sure, Follow the Procedure given and need help then contact us using the contact form

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