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Most of the work in LIC India is online for all policy holders, but somehow if you need any form such as a Policy Surrender Form, maturity Claiming form, LIC NEFT form then these are some Offline work you can download the PDF Format using links given below.

Today I will share all important LIC forms that are important while you are related to LIC by any means. Here are a few Important LIC Forms most people need.

Most Important LIC Forms:

  • LIC Surrender Form
  • LIC NEFT Form
  • LIC Maturity Claim Form
  • LIC NEFT Mandate Form

LIC Forms with Form Number:

Each LIC Form is assigned a code or form number, and you may need to know that form number in case you need to download it from the internet but can not find it by the name then you can directly search the LIC Form number and download it.

S.R.Form No.Form NamePDF Link
15074/3510LIC Surrender Value Form PDF HindiDownload
23510/5074LIC Surrender Form EnglishDownload
33825LIC Maturity Claim /Discharge FormDownload
4ECS 1LIC NEFT Mandate FormDownload
5ECS 4ECS Mandate FormDownload
63783Death Claim FormDownload
75180LIC Survival Benefit Claims FormDownload
85196LIC Loan FormDownload

LIC PDF Forms Download

There are dozens of PDF Forms and Brouchers Available at the official lic website you can visit licindia.in and download any PDF you want. Here in the table given above, I have shared the most searched top 8 PDF LIC Forms with the Form Number so that you can download and use them.

Each form is used for a different purpose if you want to know keep reading this article and I will explain the use of each of the forms shared above.

Form no 5074/3510 LIC Policy Surrender Form:

Every policy has a cancelation period, till then you can cancel the policy and get a full refund, but after the policy gets started and you want to close your policy let’s say after 2-3 years then don’t just stop paying the policy term rather do this – Submit the LIC Policy Surrender Form.

  • To Know more about LIC Policy Surrender Value and process Click Here

Rather than just stopping the policy premium you can shut down your Policy with proper procedure and get some Premium as a refund which you have paid before.

Just ask your Agent or visit the nearby LIC Branch and get more information about LIC Form No. 5074 & 3510.

Form no 3825 LIC Policy Maturity Claim Form:

LIC Policy Maturity Claim Form No. 3825 is used to claim your Policy Maturity Amount, you can submit this form before or on the maturity Date of your Policy. with all original required documents.

If in case you don’t receive any maturity amount even after submitting this form you can visit the LIC Office or contact the LIC Customer Care Helpline.

Form no 3783 LIC Death Claim Form:

Most of the LIC forms come with death claims, if unfortunately, anybody LIC policyholder from your family has passed away in an accident then the Policy Nominee or Policy Holder’s parents/wife/children can claim their Policy Death Claim.

For Any claim help you can contact your family agent or visit a nearby LIC office they will help you. If you still do not get a satisfactory reply you can raise a complaint on the LIC Customer Care Helpline by Calling or WhatsApp.

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