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If you looking for a career as LIC Agent and want to know How Much a How Much LIC Agent Earn? or What is the LIC Agent Commission behind each LIC Plan then you are at the right Place.

I will share a detailed analysis of LIC Agent Salary and How to calculate the Commission for LIC Agent. and also share one Calculator below so that you can find out the exact value of the commission for your Policy that your LIC Agent is getting.

LIC Agent Commission Chart Plan Wise:

Here is one small table which denotes which kind of policy gives better commission to the LIC Agent and you can get an idea of how a LIC Agent can start a Passive income by selling LIC policies to the customers.

Policy TypeLIC Agent Commission for 1st Year
New Endowment Plan25%
Money Back Plan20%
Term Plan25%
Health Insurance Plan25%
Child Plan25%
Pension Plan2%
* The commission rates come under LIC and we can not guarantee the same rates for today

LIC Agent Commission Calculator

LIC Agent Commission - An Agent Salary Explained

LIC Agent Commission Chart Plan Wise Pdf:

Below, you will see a sample screenshot of an LIC Agent Commission Chart. It is in PDF format. If you want to learn/check all plan commission rates provided by LIC to LIC Agents, then download the PDF chart using the button given below.

LIC Agent Commission Rate chart for All LIC Policies

How Much LIC Agent Earn?

Any general LIC Policy an Agent sells gives 25% of the commission in general and along with this he also gets a Policy bonus of 40% on the Commission if that policy Premium Term is greater than 15 Years.

“For eg. A 15 years policy premium worth Rs.10,000 for the first year will give the agent Rs.2500 and a Bonus worth Rs.1000 for the First Year”

Now you might have gotten confused after reading these types of LIC Plans categories, but don’t worry here are some policy examples that come under the categories mentioned above.

Passive Income Formula Hidden in LIC Agent Commission:

Now I will show you some tables with Percentage commission for the 1st year, 2nd Year, and till the policy ends. The commission chart will show the hidden secret of Passive income in the LIC Agent Commission Chart.

How Much Does LIC Agent Earn For Endowment Plan?

An endowment policy is a kind of LIC Policy in which you get Life cover along with a lump sum Guarantee on Maturity. Here are Some Endowment Policy Names: LIC Jeevan Utkarsh, LIC Jeevan Pragati, LIC Jeevan Labh, LIC Single Premium Endowment Plan, LIC New Endowment Plan, LIC New Jeevan Anand, LIC Jeevan Rakshak

Term Period for Premium1st Year Commission2nd & 3rd Year Commission4th Year Onward Commission
2 to 4 year5%2.25%2.25%
5  to 9 year10%5%5%
10 to 14 year20%7.50%5%
Above 15 years25%7.50%5%

Commission For Children Plan:

A Children LIC Policy Plan is designed to cover our child’s Future Education and marriage expenses after maturity you can withdraw the Lum Sum and use it.

Term Period for Premium1st Year Commission2nd Year Onward Commission
2 to 4 year5%2.00%
5 to 9 year8%5%
More than 9 year10%5.00%

Commission For Money Back Plan:

The Money Back LIC Policy Plan gives a fixed return in intervals after the maturity rather than Lum Sum, it is a kind of Pension for the insured person.

Term Period for Premium1st Year Commission2nd & 3rd Year Commission4th Year Onward Commission
As per plan15%10%6%
12 year15%8%6%

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Based on the table above you can use the following calculator to calculate the exact amount a LIC Agent can earn by selling the LIC Policy. A huge commission is given on the first premium payment but if the customer continues the policy, the agent can earn passive commission too.

Tips for Policy Buyers

See, Every Policy Agent is not a Bad guy or a Good guy but looking at the huge commission rates I suggest the Policy Buyers research your won and then discuss it with your Policy Agent, and then Purchase any LIC Plan.

Please Note: LIC stands for Life Insurance and does not look at it as an Investment Plan, Life Insurance is purchased so that if in case you get caught in an accident and have a permanent disability or death then your family should not suffer.

That’s why nowadays you might have seen the Loan amount come along with insurance so that if in case the Loan payer gets caught in any serious disability or death then Banks can get back the loan from the insurance company.

If you want to earn a Passive Long term Commission Income, Please do suggest Policy which is benificial to the Customer rather than a policy which can give you a big commission in the first year.

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