New Endowment Plan 914 Maturity Calculator

New Endowment Plan 914 Maturity Calculator is a basic LIC Policy Maturity Calculator. This Maturity Calculator will not ask you for your personal information, but you need to add exact information to get the correct answer.

For example. The Sum Assured can not be less than ₹1 lack, similarly, The FAB (Final Additional Bonus) Rate is not fixed it’s in LIC’s hand whether to give it to you or not.

Basic Terms used in New Endowment Maturity Calculator:

If you are not able to understand how to use the following Calculator then I have explained them below:

  1. Basic Sum Assured:- This is an amount to be paid to the Policy Holder on Maturity or to the Nominee on the death of the policyholder.
  2. Current Age: Your Current Age when you want to buy your policy
  3. Policy Term: How Long your Policy Premium Tenure, means how many years you are going to pay the premium.
  4. Year of Purchase: Choose the latest year for the exact Rate of Bonus you will get.
  5. Final Additional Bonus Rate: It is generally between approx. ₹80 to ₹100 decided by LIC, please ask your Agent.

New Endowment Plan – Short Information
Age Limit8-55 Years
Policy Term12-35 Years
Maximum Age At Maturity75 Years (Near Birthday)
Maturity CalculatorBasic Sum Assured + Accumulated Simple Reversionary Bonus (Bonus) + Final Additional Bonus (FAB)
Death Claim Amount Death Sum Assured + Accumulated Simple Reversionary Bonus (Bonus) till the time of Death + Final Additional Bonus (FAB) + Term Rider Sum Assured (if Opted).

Additional:- Accidental Rider Sum Assured in case of Accidental Death (if opted)
Death Sum AssuredBasic Sum Assured or 7 times of your Annual Premium, whichever is higher.
Available RidersAccidental and Disability Benefit Rider,
Term Assurance Rider,
Accidental Benefit Rider,
Premium Waiver Benefit Rider
Surrender and LoanAvailable in, Premiums of the First 2 Years are paid.
Tax BenefitPremium is exempted (80c)
Maturity/Death Claim is Tax Free 10(10D)

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