About LIC Full Form and Company


About LIC Company

The LIC is a cooperate Limited Insurance Company of India that is not directly managed by the Government, LIC Stands for Life Insurance Corporation of India.

LIC Full Forms Mostly Searched:

LIC Stands forLIC Also Stands for
Life Insurance Corporation ltd
(Searched in India)
Low-Income Countries
(searched globally)
In Hindi
लाइफ इन्शुरेंस कोऑपरेशन लिमिटेड
(जीवन बीमा निगम ली.)

If you belong to India or have relatives then you must have heard of the LIC name in your lifetime, it is the biggest Insurance company with ₹45.7 trillion (US$570 billion) of Net Worth as of March 2023.

The LIC also owns a portion in various other companies such as IDBI Banking and tied up with Axis Bank for LIC Credit Cards. LIC Also follows some Cooperate Responsibility programs and the LIC HFL Vidyadhan Scholarship is one of them.

The LIC HFL (Housing Finance Limited) Vidhyadhan Scholarship helps financially struggling Students in education to complete their Higher Education.

In terms of Employment: There is no latest data but As of 2021, LIC had over 2000 branches and more than 1.2 million agents are working with LIC and earning bigger commissions than Jobs.

Famous LIC Products:

  • LIC is mostly popular for Housing Finance which is managed by IDBI Bank. and you get a Home Loan with around an 8% Interest Rate and with easy application process. If you already own a loan you can transfer it to LIC HFL and insure the loan along with low interest rates.
  • LIC HFL Scholarship for Students from a weak financial background check full details Here.
  • LIC Policies – Tech Term Plan for ₹1CR Risk Cover, LIC Dhan Vridhi Plan, LIC Jeevan Anand Plan, and much more.

Office Addresses of LIC:

There is an office at each district level where you can see the LIC Staff along with the regional manager and the LIC Divisional officers managing local LIC Agents and helping them acquire more customers.

For any customer help, You can call this Toll Free LIC Number:- 022 6827 6827 (24×7)

SMS LICHELP : SMS LICHELP <pol.no.> to 9222492224.

Coordinating Office in India for LIC’s Foreign Offices:

Strategic Business Unit- International Operations,
LIC of India, Central Office
Address: Yogakshema Building, 7th Floor, East-Wing, Jeevan Bima Marg, Mumbai – 400 021
Tel: (+91) 66599465
Email: co_io[at]licindia[dot]com