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LIC Apps are not much known in India, this may be because nobody is interested and have that much interest in knowing about Insurance Policies. Indian people are more interested in Quick Money, or Entertainment Apps rather than Investment or Insurance Apps.

All LIC Official Apps to Download:

Here are all Apps released by LIC itself and available to download on Google Play Store, Apple App Store, and LIC Website itself.

  1. LIC Digital App
  2. LIC Agent App
  3. LIC Pragati App
  4. LIC Associate App
  5. LIC Anand App
  6. LIC Pratidhi App
  7. LIC Jeevan Saakshya App
All LIC Apps List to Download on your Phone

LIC Digital App Usecase and Download Link:

LIC Digital App
App NameLIC Digital
OwnerLIC India
Updated onJul 26, 2023
Average Ratings4.3
Total Downloads10M+

LIC Digital App is all in one LIC App for Everyone, it does not matter if you are a LIC Customer or not.

This LIC Digital App provides information about all LIC Policies and Plans, it also provides tools like:

1. Inbuilt LIC Premium Calculator
2. Pay Direct for Premium Payment
3. Find a Doctor for LIC Health Insurance holders
4. Office Locator helps you find Nearby LIC Office.

You can download this App on Android and iOS and learn more about any LIC Policy/Plans and also manage your policy using this same app.

LIC Agent App Usecase and Download Link:

LIC Agent App
App NameLIC Agent App
OwnerLIC India
Updated onJul 11, 2023
Average Ratings4.6
Total Downloads10K

This LIC App is a useful app only designed for LIC Agents, If you want to become a LIC Agent Visit Here.

This LIC Agent App can be useful if you are a Serious LIC agent and want to keep track of your Portfolio.

This App Helps Agents in Tracking:

  1. Total Policies Sold
  2. Category of Policies Sold by Agent

This App also helps you to keep your diary notes in the app and Note down if any future appointments are scheduled.

From an Agent Point of View rather than visiting the LIC website portal and checking your dashboard, you can download this app and log in to your Agent Dashboard to keep track and Appointments.

LIC PRAGATI App Usecase and Download Link:

LIC Pragati App
OwnerLIC India
Updated onJune 30, 2023
Average Ratings4.8
Total Downloads5K

This LIC App is specially designed for Development Officers of LIC India.

The PRAGATI Stands for Performance Review Application, Growth, And Trend Indicator. It is a Performance Tracking App for Development Officers and their team.

Pragati App is useful in:

  1. Tracking Agency Team Performance
  2. Collecting Payments and confirming with NACH
  3. Finding Potential customers

The Pragati app helped Development Officers quickly know how well their agency team was doing in important parts of the business, like collecting payments, getting agents to start working, finding potential top performers, and more.

They could also keep an eye on their team’s actions, like using the agents’ mobile app and confirming NACH details.

LIC Ananda App Usecase and Download Link:

LIC Ananda App
App NameLIC Ananda App
OwnerLIC India
Updated onJune 21, 2023
Average Ratings4.3
Total Downloads15K

The LIC Ananda Application is an innovation and blessing for LIC Agents, yes for LIC Agents only. Because the LIC Ananda App is only designed for LIC Agents to sell LIC Policy more efficiently.

This app acts as a Virtual Agent and helps LIC Agent to sell a Policy without any paperwork.

Using the Ananda App an Agent Can:

  1. Increase work efficiency and register new LIC Policies online.
  2. Only Non-Medical and Non-Child Policies are allowed on the Ananda App to get registered.
  3. The Agent can register any policy up to 15 Lack Sum Assured without paperwork.

Now if you are a LIC Agent and want to ease your work and register more policies in less time then you must download these two apps.

  • LIC Ananda App
  • LIC Agent App.

Other Useful Unofficial LIC Apps:

Rather than these official LIC apps, there are a few more apps that are popular and well-rated by users, these apps include Policy Calculator apps and Office Locator.

LIC OFFICE Near Me – Branch Locator:

Unfortunately, currently, there is no such application available, but our website provides a Table Tool that you can use and find the LIC office near your Place.

You can see the image below how what the Table toll looks like. Visit Here to Find LIC Office Nearby.

  1. First Click on the Link above and wait till the page loads fully.
  2. The Table includes more than 3000 entries and it may take up to 5 to 10 seconds till then you will not see the Entries Filter and Search Bar.
  3. Once you see the Search Bar then enter your Area Pincode or nearby city name to find the available LIC office.
LIC Office or Branch Locator Tool

Smart – All In One Calculator:

all in one Calculator app
App NameSmart All in one Calculator
OwnerInsurance Funda
Updated onJuly 31, 2023
Average Ratings4.
Total Downloads100K

All in One Calculator is a third-party Android app means it is not an Official LIC App, but it can help you with all policy premiums and maturity calculations; along with this, it will also show one table of surrender value if you want to stop your LIC Policy.

This app includes:

  1. All LIC Plan Details
  2. Premium Calculator for All LIC Policy Plans
  3. Maturity Amount Calculator for All Plans
  4. Table for Surrender Value Amount for All Years
  5. All Necessary LIC Forms in PDF Format

This Calculator is the best app you can use it is close to a precise amount including the GST which makes this app a perfect LIC Calculator.

Any Application link given here is hosted by someone else on Google Drive, We have sourced these Links from official LIC websites, if you have any issues please contact the LIC Branch and authenticate whether the app is original or not. (source link)

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